License Help

It may be necessary to log in first.
Locate an the license you wish to use.
An available license will have the "Bind Fingerprint " button enabled.
Select the 'Bind Fingerprint' button
This button will be disabled if you have an Upgrade License and have not bound it to a Prior License yet. See Bind to Prior Help or if it has already been Bound .
From hatch22 (running inside of Revit), copy and paste the Computer Fingerprint or Subdomain Fingerprint and Validation Token codes to the web page.
If it is not already open, toggle the 'Bind Fingerprint Data Button ' button.
Download and save the hatch22 license
For 2016, save to c:\ProgramData\AutodeskAppStore\Revit\AddIns\2016\
or here
c:\Program Files\mertens3d\Hatch22-2016\

For 2017, save to c:\ProgramData\AutodeskAppStore\Revit\AddIns\2017\
or here
c:\Program Files\mertens3d\Hatch22-2017\

If you have multiple computers to install on, and you have 'Seat' licenses, then you will need repeat these steps for each computer.
If you have a SubDomain license, then you only need to do this once and you can copy the license XML to the other target computers.
Close and Restart hatch22
The License Tab should now have a Green Check Mark .
If you were able to download a license file, but the tab still has a Red 'X' , please refer to the text box on the License Tab for more information. If that does not clear it up, please contact
hatch22 should now be ready to use. Refer to Quick Start and/or Basic Use to get you started with the basics.

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